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Histoire des Lamineries Matthey


Lamineries MATTHEY SA was founded by Edouard MATTHEY in La Neuveville, Switzerland in 1901. The company formation followed a family history of already more than 75 years in cold rolling technology.

The reasons for success, which has now lasted for more than a century, have hardly changed: constant adjustment to market needs, being a reliable partner for innovative customers, continuous modernization of production facilities in order to remain competitive, are a few amongst many others.

Thanks to this commitment to evolve and, at the same time, maintain and expand our unique know-how, Lamineries MATTHEY can offer a level of expertise and quality which meets the specialized requirements of today's demanding customer.

1901 Establishing a cold rolling mill in La Neuveville, Switzerland, by Edouard II Matthey for the rolling of iron and steel.
1916 A company with a capital stock of 1 million Swiss francs is incorporated.
1920Edouard II Matthey designs and builds two novel rolling stands with six cylinders (the predecessor of the modern rolling mill).
1936Replacement of the gas furnaces with electric furnaces.
1939Production is expanded to non-ferrous metals (brass, bronze, nickel silver, copper nickel and pure nickel).
1941Henri Matthey creates a trust for the employees as well as a health insurance fund.
1945Introduction of the first cold rolled stainless steel products.
1948Introduction of copper beryllium in Europe.
1959Installation of the first continuous tunnel furnace.
1965Introduction of the first cold rolled maraging steels.
1971Introduction of copper beryllium rod and wire for precision screw machining and the connector industry.
1973Introduction of aluminium alloys.
1982Exclusive distributor for Materion (previously, Brush Wellmann) in Switzerland and Liechtenstein for copper beryllium and beryllium alloys.
1992Introduction of the maraging steel Durinox.
1994Purchase of Billiton BV and transfer of production to Switzerland of very thin strips (Invar, Zirconium, Titanium, etc.).
1995ISO 900:2008 certification of the company.
2001100th Anniversary - Edouard III Matthey hands over management of the company to Jürg Haefeli.
2017The company has been acquired by NOTZ METAL SA (NOTZgroup) and becomes Lamineries MATTHEY, branch of Notz Metall AG.

Pioneers through innovation, practical common sense and the necessary persistence

All six generations of Mattheys have left a trace in their rerspective eras, each time by giving the cold rolling activities new impetus and direction. They represent a know-how nurtured and perfected over the years in half a dozen locations in the Swiss Jura region.

Auguste I In 1830 he leaves France and settles in Switzerland in order to be closer to the cheaper energy sources (hydropower) as well as a potential market (watch making).
Auguste II Gains control over the energy resources, which are vital at this time, by making use of the hydropower of the French-Swiss river Doubs. Together with his brother Charles-Edouard he separates stretch rolling from rolling.
Charles-EdouardIn 1888, the two brothers part company and Charles-Edouard founds a new plant in Corgémont, in the Swiss Jura Mountains.
Edouard IContinues his father's work and moves the production to a plant in the valley of Saint-Imier, Switzerland.
Edouard IISettles in La Neuveville in 1901, where he opens a new plant. He lays the foundations for the future industrialization and designs and builds two novel rolling stands (the predecessor of the modern rolling mill).
HenriMechanical engineer, who continued his education in the USA, Germany and Winterthur before the company becomes a family business again in 1936. He creates a solid financial foundation for the company.
Edouard IIIMechanical engineer, who had gone through in-depth training by his father since 1960. He perfects the company know-how and production technology. Introduces the use of copper beryllium in the form of rod and wire and significantly expands the company's activities.
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