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Precision cold rolled strip and foil

Cobalt Superalloys

Phynox, UNS R30003, (Elgiloy) is an austenitic hardenable superalloy on cobalt basis (40 % Co, 20 % Cr, 16 % Ni and 7 % Mo). Its mechanical strength may exceed 2,600 N/mm2, after the hardening. The maximum reachable tensile strength depends however significantly on the preceding cold deformation. It is non-magnetic, very resistant to corrosion (better results than any other stainless steel) and temperature resistant. Its high elasticity modulus (220 kN/mm2) combined with an elongation limit that can be over 1,800 N/mm2 makes Phynox an exceptional alloy for spring application. Lamineries MATTHEY SA delivers Phynox strips according the following standards: ASTM F1058 (surgical implants), ISO 5832-7 (surgical implants), AFNOR NF S 90-403 (surgical implants), AMS 5875, AMS 5876 and NACE MR0175.

MP35N® is a nickel-cobalt-based superalloy with a unique range of properties: very high mechanical strength, high toughness and good corrosion resistance. It is also biocompatible and non-magnetic. MP35N® alloy is included in the NACE MR0175 standard. The alloy is also suitable for medical implants and orthodontic/prosthetic applications, and complies with ASTM F562 / ISO 5832-6 / BS 7252-6 for surgical implant applications. MP35N® is highly resistant to corrosion in most environments containing mineral acids, hydrogen sulfide and seawater, while exhibiting excellent resistance to stress corrosion cracking and hydrogen embrittlement, even at high mechanical strength levels.


Cobalt Superalloys

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