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Precision cold rolled strip and foil

Aluminium alloys

Aluminium and aluminium alloy have many characteristics which cannot be replaced by other material. These encompass low density, almost 3 times lower than that of steel, corrosion resistance due to the Al2O3 oxide coating, developing at the surface, easy formability and electrical conductivity, which in commercially pure aluminium achieves 62 % of the conductivity of copper.

The aluminium-magnesium alloys typically contain less than 4 % of magnesium and are not hardenable. Most of the magnesium contained in the alloys is in the form of a solid solution. Lamineries MATTHEY offer AlMg3 (AA5754) alloy in different tempers.

Certain aluminium alloys like those that contain copper and magnesium can be hardened. Lamineries MATTHEY offer AlCuMg2 (AA2024) alloy in different hard rolled/hardened conditions, with a mechanical strength of 200 N/mm2 in soft condition and in hardest condition of over 470 N/mm2.

Alloys with aluminium and silicon content harden due to the precipitation of Mg2Si. In comparison with AlCuMg2, the AlMgSi1 (AA6082) alloy offered by Lamineries MATTHEY exhibits moderate mechanical properties, is however easy to weld and disposes of good atmospheric corrosion resistance.

Aluminium alloys in strip

DescriptionTechnical file
Aluminium 99.5% - AW-1050 / 3.0255 / 1050A    Al-99.5-1050_v22E.pdf
AlMg3 - (Peraluman 300) / AW5754    Peraluman_v22E.pdf
AlMg4.5Mn (Peraluman 460) / AW-5083 / AA5083 
AlMg4.5Mn (Peraluman 460) / AW-5083 / AA5083 

See also dimensional tolerances and material safety datasheet (MSDS) :

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