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Bandes et feuilles de précision laminées à froid

Health & Safety


To download a declaration of conformity: click RoHS logo.


It should be noted that the new directive 2011/65/EU on Electric and Electronic Equipment of the European Parliament and Council contains no limitations with regard to copper or nickel beryllium. Further and according to the project of the consortium of the electronics industry International Electronics Manufacturing Initiative: "Joint Industry Guide - Material Composition Declaration Guide", there is currently no limitation on the use of to copper or nickel-beryllium, and no such guideline is planned.

For more information regarding the European legislation, please use the link:

More information on European legislation and the consortium of the electronics industry (International Electronics Manufacturing Initiative) is found under the following links:

The handling of copper beryllium in solid form presents no health risk. However, like other industrial materials, beryllium alloy may present a health risk, if the recommended precautions are not observed.  For sensitive persons, inhaling of beryllium particles can develop a serious lung disease. National and international safety commissions have established maximum limits for the inhalation of beryllium particles allowed at the workplace. Each processing area must be operated in compliance with this possible exposure and appropriate controls, for example, exhaust systems should be installed, if necessary. Please read the information on the material safety data sheet MSDS, which is provided on the website of Materion, before you work with this material and observe it.

For further information about the non-hazardous use, please contact Lamineries MATTHEY SA or Materion Incorporated.

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