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Bandes et feuilles de précision laminées à froid

Iron and high carbon steels

Soft iron such as RFe 80 (1.1014), which is free from impurities that can affect the magnetic properties, are manufactured and delivered in various tempers for use in the production of electric-magnetic equipments.

Lamineries MATTHEY offer several types of non-alloy soft iron like DC01 or DC04, which are typically used as they are especially suitable for deep drawing and cutting, for example in the watch and clock making industry.

There are good reasons for the use of non-alloyed steels in watch and clock making. These include excellent suitability for stamping and deep drawing and the possibility to increase the mechanical strength significantly by means of quench hardening (770 to 840 °C). They are often preferred over copper alloys, when a high Young modulus is required. The machinability of structural steel can be improved by adding lead (see type HT3 and HT10). Lamineries MATTHEY further offer a broad assortment of thin iron and steel precision strips or foils.

Soft iron and non-alloyed steels

DescriptionTechnical file
140Cr3 - Tool steel, alloyed (CR3) / 1.2008 
Ck101 (H1) - High carbon steel / 1.1274 / 2CS100 / ~ G10950 
Ck60 (H4) - High carbon steel / 1.1221 / ~ 2CS60 / ~ G10640 
Ck67 - High carbon steel / 1.1231 / 2CS67 / ~ G10700 
HT10 - Leaded high carbon steel / ~ C100 +Pb    HT10.pdf
RFe80 - Steel (Fer 04) / ~1.1014 

See also dimensional tolerances and material safety datasheet (MSDS) :

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