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Precision cold rolled strip and foil

Other special metals and alloys

Apart from the alloys, already presented in different groups, Lamineries MATTHEY also supply exotic metals and alloys such as tantalum, zirconium and niobium.

Titanium is one of the specialities in the rolled product range and is supplied in different soft and hard-rolled conditions, for example for the medical and chemical industry.

New! Thin strips in BrushForm® 158 (Toughmet 3)

These specialities include among others a new alloy e.g. BrushForm® 158 (Toughmet 3). It was developed byMaterion Brush Performance Alloys on the basis of a patented quick-solidification process EquaCast®. These are alloys on copper basis with nickel and tin content, exposing exceptional properties. A field of application for BrushForm® 158 (Toughmet 3) includes the use of thin rolled precision strips, where mechanical strength, corrosion resistance and stress relaxation resistance contributed to the success of CuNiSn 15-8. After the forming process, the alloy can be hardened by the appropriate heat treatment, while the form of the manufactured products will almost not change (no distorsion). This exceptional behaviour is connected with the metallurgical hardening mechanism, the so-called spinodal decomposition. Lamineries MATTHEY produces BrushForm® 158 (Toughmet 3) strips, which are suitable for applications in the connector and watch making industries, for example. 


Lamineries MATTHEY offer also relatively large-sized bars, tubes, pipes and plates in ToughMet? that are a perfect fit for friction-sensitive applications. Two variants are available: ToughMet? 3  CuNiSn 15-8 and ToughMet? 2 CuNiSn 9-6. They dispose of a multiplicity of unique features: Mechanical strength, similar to iron, outstanding wear and corrosion existence, as well as excellent frictional properties. These exceptional characteristics are successfully applied for products which are exposed to friction, for example in the aerospace and petrol industry. Lamineries MATTHEY offer relatively large-sized bars, tubes, pipes and plates that are a perfect fit for these friction-sensitive applications.

See also the technical guide of ToughMet?: Toughmet Technical Guide

Other specialties strips and foils

DescriptionTechnical file
CuNi15Sn8 - BrushForm® 158 / ToughMet 3 / C72900    BF158_T3_C.pdf
CuNi15Sn8 - BrushForm® 158 mill hardened (Toughmet 3) / C72900    BF158_T3_C.pdf
Alloy 902 (Thermelast®) / N09902 / ~ Ni-Span-C Alloy 902® 
FeCr20Al5 - CrAl20/5 (Aluchrom YHf) ~1.4767 
FeNi29Co18 - NiCo29/18 (Kovar) / 1.3981 / ~ K94610 
FeNi36 - Ni36 (Invar) / 1.3912 / ~ K93600 
Nb - Niobium 
Permenorm® 5000 V5  
SUPRA36® / FeNi36  
SUPRA50® / FeNi48 / K94840 Alloy type 2     Supra50.pdf
Ta - Tantalum / R05200 
Ti - Titanium Grade 1 / ASTM F67 / ISO 5832-2 / 3.7025 / R50250     Ti_Grade_1_C.pdf
Ti - Titanium Grade 1 / 3.7025 / R50250    Ti_Grade_1_C.pdf
Ti - Titanium Grade 2 / 3.7035 / R50400 
Ti - Titanium Grade 2 / ASTM F67 / ISO 5832-2 / R50400 / ~3.7035 / T40 

Voir aussi leurs tolérances dimensionnelles et les fiches "MSDS" de sécurité:

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