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  • New building

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  • Precision cold rolling

    Precision cold rolling

    Precision cold rolling

  • More than 110 years of cold rolling

    More than 110 years of cold rolling

Welcome to Lamineries MATTHEY SA

Lamineries MATTHEY SA, headquartered since 1901 in La Neuveville, Switzerland, is recognized as one of the undisputed market leaders for precision cold rolling, capable of meeting very specific and technically demanding requirements. In addition, Lamineries MATTHEY is a preferred partner for the supply of copper-beryllium rod, tube and wire in all sizes.


Partnership with Aperam, Special Alloys Division

We are pleased to announce that Lamineries Matthey SA and the Special Alloys division of Aperam have approved an agreement to collaborate together with the express intention of better serving the market. With an objective of improving the means of production and overall performance, Lamineries Matthey, which operates with narrower rolling mills will take over smaller volume orders. This agreement concerns in particular alloys such as Durnico®/Durimphy®, Phytime® or Phynox®.  We expect to add additional alloys to the list soon. A substantial amount of base material is readily available to be worked to client specifications with a delivery date adapted to their needs. Customer satisfaction is our goal and we assure you that we will continue to remain at your disposal for any complementary information

New available alloys:

Lamineries MATTHEY now offers a wider range of nickel alloys: Hastelloy or Inconel C276 (N04400, 2.4360), X-750 (N07750, 2.4669), 718 (N07718, 2.4668), 400 (N04400, 2.4360), 600 (N06600, 2.4816) and 625 (N06625, 2.4856). They are now all available in precision rolled thin strip.

Titanium (grade 1), Titanium (grade 1) ASTM-F67 Medical, Titanium (grade 2), Titanium (grade 2) ASTM-F67 Medical, 1.4369 - Stainless steel  / X11CrNiMnN19-8-6 / 13RM19 (non magnetic) and pure Aluminum 99.5% - AW-1050 / 3.0255 / 1050A are also now available.

Other specialties: MUMETALL® (MUMETAL or VACOPERM 70), THERMELAST® 4002 alloy 902 UNS N09902 and DURATHERM® 600 in thin precision cold rolled strip.

Alternatives to the MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC METECS alloys

We have maybe the required alternative to the MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC METECS alloys. Indeed, the alloys MX215R, MX96R, M702, C7521R, C7701R, etc. will be soon no more available.  More information..

EU and US Directives


Our products comply with the directives REACH. More information ...

Dodd Frank Act

We support the position of the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) and the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) as weel as the section 1502 of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform. More information...

Lamineries MATTHEY SA will participate to the Trade Fair "Micronora" in Besançon.

27 - 30 September 2016

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